Amplify Yourself highlights a series of lifestyles that are full of expression & individuality amplified with cannabis. Leafwerx is proud to celebrate these lifestyles, and hopes they serve to inspire many others.

Our first Amplify Yourself lifestyle is that of Dave Fusilli, who fuses the worlds of outdoor adventuring & photography. His interview is below, along with some of his favorite shots.


Amplify Yourself Ambassador Name:  Dave Fusilli

What do you do to amplify yourself?  

Mainly whitewater kayaking, but you can also find me on mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, and stand up paddle boards.

What do you love most about doing this?

I just love being outside in general.  I think we all have a strong connection with nature.  If you can imagine looking at an amazing waterfall, it’s powerful, peaceful, and all around amazing, and I get to get into my kayak and paddle down that beast!  It’s an amazing balance!


How long have you been doing this, and how did you start?

My parents got me into a kayak at the age of 7, so about 30 years.  I’ve been kayaking professionally since 2007.

How do you do it differently than most?  

I think I have good style,  and more importantly I’m very reachable to other paddlers looking to get on the water or progress their own skills.  I’d say I’m very approachable.


What does cannabis mean for you?  

A calming connection.

How does cannabis help you amplify yourself?   

Cannabis really does amplify my experiences.  It can get you more in touch with nature. Could it be because it is a part of our natural world?  

Any particular favorite strains or cannabis items?

I love  the taste and motivation from Green Dream.  Leafwerx’ new PAX pods are also super tasty, plenty powerful, and amazing for when I’m on the move!

What do you wish more people understood about cannabis?  

The mental and physical benefits it provides.  Less pills, more cannabis please.  


What do you wish more people understood about your craft?

The way it can connect you with nature.  In kayaking, not only are you in motion, but your medium is also in motion.  For example, in skiing and biking, the dirt and snow are pretty much still. In kayaking, you need to learn to dance with that water!

When you have respect for the water, you will want to keep it clean and keep the river banks clean. If you love it, you will want to protect it as much as possible.

Anything we should be looking out for from you in the near future?   

Probably more in the way of conserving our outdoor resources through cool videos of beautiful whitewater .

See more of Dave’s amplified life on Instagram @davefusilli

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