From Soil to Oil.  
Cannabis Refined. 

In partnership with our scientific staff, cultivators, and our customers, we strive to understand the impacts in consumer choice and feelings.  Bridging the art of know-how and scientific research has enabled us to be proud of every product leaving our facilities.


Rooted in Science

With our chemists on staff collaborating with our experienced cultivators, we bridge the unknown with targeting each compound with purpose and care. The use of CO2 allows us to target much more than just THC. The flavonoids, terpenoids, lipids, amino acids, and other constituents, allow us to craft a beautifully designed clean extract that flat out works every time. Best of all, it is at the highest quality for the best value to you, our customers.

Cost Effective

With our focus on efficiencies from the plant to the extract, we are able to keep costs low while maintaining purity, flavor, cleanliness, and consistency.  This translates to a better price to the retailer which waterfalls to our customers.  Our focus has been to offer safe and reliable access to high quality products that you can trust.



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