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GO-TIME - Sativa

Black Afghani Rose - “A Mystery Sativa” X Afghani/Pakistani - Exclusive
Mystery surrounds Leafwerx’ exclusive Black Afghani Rose, as its sativa and landrace parents are a closely held secret known only to the strain breeder. What is not mysterious are the euphoric effects and striking floral nose.  With just a trace of Afghani/Pakistani landrace* strains in its lineage, the sativa effects are balanced with a touch of calm. This all adds up to a go-to daytime smoker that makes work and play more enjoyable.

Green Dream - Green Crack X Blue Dream - Exclusive
A cross of two Washington favorites: Green Crack and Blue Dream, Green Dream is a perfect strain for crushing task lists, going out with friends, or deep diving into a creative project. The earthy citrus taste matches the brightness of the strain, and the stimulating, light-hearted effects take hold quickly. With it’s candy-like taste and long lasting uplift, Green Dream is a trusty companion for any endeavor.

AK-47 - Colombian X Mexican X Thai X Afghani
With a lineage of multiple landrace strain, AK-47 features a variety of effects, smells, and tastes that have made it a famous name in cannabis history. This strain can still be counted on for lifted spirits, creativity, and sociability.

Arcata Trainwreck - Mexican X Thai X Afghani

Candy Apple - Exclusive

Black Jack - Black Domina X Jack Herer

San Juan Green Crack - Exclusive

Jack Flash - Jack Herer X Haze X Super Skunk

Jah Goo - Pink Jasmine X Afghooey - Exclusive

Sour Diesel - Chemdawg 91 X Super Skunk

Wonder Woman - Shiva Skunk X White Widow

VIBIN' - Hybrid

OG Kush - Unknown - Maybe Chemdawg X Hindu Kush?
Nothing beats the original, and this OG Kush is the real deal. With authentic genetics, an unmistakable lemon and fuel nose, and the characteristic cough,this OG Kush is sure to please anyone with an affinity for blunts and California culture. A hybrid in the truest sense, OG Kush marries an awakened, euphoric mental state with a long lasting body high. With an unparalleled high and a stamp on pop culture, OG Kush is a rare legend for a reason.

Soul Assassin - OG Kush X Lemon Thai
Don’t let the name fool you, the Soul Assassin is a serene, calming hybrid that delivers a potent body high while still keeping the mind active. Bred by the Soul Assassins crew, an artist collective that includes hip hop legends Cypress Hill, this strain has distinctive orange hairs and sparkling trichomes contrasting the dense, dark, olive green buds. Leafwerx is proud to bring this strain to Washington for the first time.

Frosting - Triangle Kush X Animal Mints
Making it’s Washington debut, Frosting is a genetic relative of Exoticz renowned Wedding Cake strain. The OG Kush lineage of this strain is reflected in its perfect blend of mental uplift and deep relaxation, and the effects are amplified by the generous coating of trichome frosting throughout the bud.

Sherbert - Pink Panties X Girl Scout Cookies
Whether it’s the unmistakable complex sweet smell, the striking green, orange and pink colors, or the carefree melted effects, Sherbert has made a lasting impact for good reason. This newest Leafwerx run is more sticky and vibrant than ever.

Gorilla Glue - Chem's Sister X Chocolate Diesel

Cheese - Skunk #1 X Afghani

Berry White - Blueberry X White Widow

Cherry AK - Cherry Pie X AK-47

Hashwreck - Hashplant X Trainwreck

Kirkwood - Exclusive

Birthday Cake - Wedding Cake x Frosting

CHILLIN' - Indica

Nine Pound Hammer #6 - Gooberry X Hells OG X Jack The Ripper - Exclusive
Our most popular indica, the #6 is a particularly memorable cut of Nine Pound Hammer that’s exclusive to Leafwerx. Nine Pound Hammer #6 is dense with gushing tones of berry and grapes. This smooth, fruity smoke leads to the deepest of sedative highs. Because of its strong body effects and minimal mental effects, the Nine Pound Hammer #6 is a perfect strain for the end of the day and a satisfying night of sleep.

Platinum Cookies - OG Kush X Durban Poison X Unknown
Since the first marriage of OG Kush and Durban Poison birthed Girl Scout Cookies in California, Cookies strains have very quickly become a staple with a loyal following and multiple popular strain variations. Platinum Cookies are one of the more distinctive variations, with a gorgeous palette of sage green and purple, an unmistakably complex nose, and ultra dense nugs that are almost impossible to break up by hand. Platinum Cookies delivers a calming, restful high that melts problems away.

Blackberry Kush - Afghani X Blackberry
A strain that’s right at home in the pacific northwest, Blackberry Kush delivers potent indica effects with a nose that balances Kush gas with Blackberry sweetness. Lighthearted euphoria and deep full-body relaxation are the hallmarks of this strain.

Han's 1st - SFV OG X Girl Scout Cookies

Optimus Prime - Bubba Kush, OG Kush, Grandaddy Purps

3 Kings - OG Kush X Headband X Sour Diesel

Black Afghan Kush - Exclusive

Chocolate Hashberry - Chocolate Kush X Blackberry Kush

Royal Kush - Afghani X Skunk #1

Cherry - Exclusive

G-13 - Unknown

Black Lime Reserve - Northern Lights X Purple Kush

CBD - Healin'

Suzy Q - 25:1

Trident - 2:1

Diesel Tonic - 1:1 - NYC Diesel X Cannatonic